1. Whenever possible, use an outside transportation vendor and take the following steps:
    • purchase services in consultation with Yale Procurement;
    • confirm that vendors maintain current and appropriate certifications and licenses; and.
    • confirm that vendors carry current and appropriate levels of liability insurance.
  2. Review the following Yale University Policies, Procedures, Forms and Guides:
    • Policy 1705, “Automobile Fleet, Rental and Safety Program;”
    • Guide 1705 GD.01, “Auto Safety Rules and Regulations;” and
    • Policy 1110, “Personal and Off-Campus Use of University Property, Including Vehicles.”
  3. Ensure that all drivers have the license required by Connecticut law and have passed a motor vehicle record check.
  4. Train drivers on safety issues and applicable laws, including:
    • entering/exiting traffic while driving in caravans;
    • roadside and emergency stopping;
    • driving in hazardous weather conditions; and
    • plans for separation, automotive problems, accidents, and emergencies.
  5. Consider the availability of emergency transportation.
  6. Bring emergency contact information while traveling, including contact information for minors’ parents/guardians, program organizer, other supervisors, etc.
  7. Avoid dropping off or picking up minors in locations not approved by parents/guardians or Yale.
  8. Enforce use of seat restraints/seatbelts by minors.
  9. Ensure that all minors are accounted for at each phase of transportation.
  10. Never transport people in vehicles, such as pickup trucks, that are not intended for passengers.