1. Use an outside transportation vendor and take the following steps (contact if use of an outside vendor is not possible):
    • purchase services in consultation with Yale Procurement;
    • confirm that vendors maintain current and appropriate certifications and licenses; and.
    • confirm that vendors carry current and appropriate levels of liability insurance.
  2. Review the following Yale University Policies, Procedures, Forms and Guides:
    • Policy 1705, “Automobile Fleet, Rental and Safety Program;”
    • Guide 1705 GD.01, “Auto Safety Rules and Regulations;” and
    • Policy 1110, “Personal and Off-Campus Use of University Property, Including Vehicles.”
  3. Bring emergency contact information while traveling, including contact information for minors’ parents/guardians, program organizer, other supervisors, etc.
  4. Consider the availability of emergency transportation.
  5. Enforce use of seat restraints/seatbelts by minors.
  6. Ensure that all minors are accounted for at each phase of transportation.
  7. Avoid dropping off or picking up minors in locations not approved by parents/guardians or Yale.
  8. Never transport people in vehicles, such as pickup trucks, that are not intended for passengers.