Members of the Yale community create, organize, and run an extraordinary array of programs for children and youth.  Some of these programs are University initiatives, but many are created by dedicated volunteers using their own time and effort to share their intellectual interests, their athletic abilities, and their artistic talent with young people.  The University believes that these programs promote Yale’s educational mission and reflect its commitment to the local community, and it wishes to ensure that these programs have the support necessary to thrive and expand. 

Towards this end, the University has created a Committee on Programs for Children and Youth, which will review and approve programs and provide guidance on health and safety issues, insurance, legal compliance, and other concerns that you might have.  The Committee includes representatives from the Office of New Haven and State Affairs, the Office of Environmental Health and Safety, and the Office of the General Counsel, and its purpose is to help you run your programs in a way that protects your participants and you.

This web site serves as a gateway for members of the Yale community who currently are leading programs for children and youth or who wish to organize new programs.  As a first step, please read Yale’s policies on programs for children and youth:

An on-line form for registering your program, health and safety guidelines, examples of useful forms, and other resources are listed on the right of this page.  Contact information for Yale offices that can advise you on a variety of issues is also provided.