Rules for Conducting Online Programs for Minors


All online programs must register on Yale’s Programs for Children and Youth website Existing programs should re-register their programs with an explanation of their new online component.

Permission of Parent or Legal Guardian

Parents or legal guardians must complete a program permission form before their minor children may participate in any online programs.

Safe Communication and Privacy Rules

  • All programs must use Zoom as their platform.
  • No one-to-one virtual communication with minors is allowed.  Programs must arrange to have at least two adults online at all times, including one serving as the designated host/monitor of the session.  See Rules for Using Zoom to Conduct Online Programs.
  • Communicating via a social network application or website is never permitted. There should be no private direct messaging, chatting, or personal emails between a minor and a program staff member.  Group messages/posts are acceptable, so long as they can be viewed by all participants.
  • You may text or e-mail a participant for program purposes only, and you must copy the participant’s parent or legal guardian.  (Parents/guardians must provide an email address and cellphone number on the permission form.) 
  • Programs may present science demonstrations but may not ask participants to engage in any hands-on science activities or experiments.
  • Parents/guardians must be given access information to all virtual meetings and programs.

Recording of Online Sessions

You may not record online sessions, unless you have first obtained the permission of the Committee on Programs for Children and Youth and all parents/guardians have completed the Permission to Use Images and Recordings form.

Reporting Concerns

The procedures for reporting suspected abuse or neglect remain the same for online programs.  See Policy on Reporting Suspected Child Abuse and Neglect.

If you have questions about online programs for minors, please contact the Committee on Programs for Children and Youth at